Thursday, August 05, 2010

Remember the Teeter Totter?

Do you remember the Teeter Totter that was in the playground behind your elementary school? The fun came when you and a friend jumped on opposite ends of the long wooden board and took turns being “up” and then being “down”. The trick was getting off, this is what required the skill, one rider needed to slide off but not let go of the teeter board since they had to let the other person down slowly. Without this consideration the other person would be sure to hit the ground with a THUMP.

As our group at Next Iteration works with healthcare professionals that are transitioning from one position to the next we keep in mind the lessons from the Teeter Totter. This being that it is important to ease out of the position that you are leaving to soften the blow for the group that you are leaving behind. So if you are in the midst of a search for a new job and anticipate that you will be leaving your current group here are a few recommendations…

  • Finish: If you have ongoing projects try to wrap them up, or at least get them to a position where they can be handed off.
  • Organize: Make sure that all of your work is organized and complete.
  • Schedule: When possible try to lighten your work schedule so that when you resign there are fewer spots to fill.
  • Cross Train: If you have unique knowledge/responsibility then consider bringing another peer up to speed on what you know that they do not.
  • Document: Be extra sure to document everything that you do, leaving a strong paper trail will help the rest of the group when you are gone

The world is not flat, but it is small; putting some consideration into how you are leaving your current position is well worth the time and effort. Just like the Teeter Totter the group you are with are the ones that you have had fun playing with, it may be time to get off and move on to other fun stuff, just don’t jump off too quickly. If you THUMP the person on the other end it is sure to leave them with a bad memory of you!

Happy and Healthy Hiring.

One successful candidate and employer at a time.