Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Focusing the Mind – The Career Search Paradox

"Nothing focuses the mind like a gun to the head" - Winston Churchill

This quote captured my attention like a laser. The economy is the proverbial gun to our heads. The challenge of the current economy, the struggle of companies hiring and those who are letting people go and the swirl of fear for so many. For the individual wage earner, the prospect of being let go in an economy as rough as ours is right now is chilling. The headlines in our newspapers tell stories of people pushed to the brink - a recently unemployed couple where the husband massacred the whole family. How tragic. How sad. Such a crazy outcome borne out of helplessness.

I would like to challenge all among us to creatively push back against the fear of “losing a job” and instead to hold fast to the knowledge that "we can and do make a difference." While there is always the chance we can become paralyzed by our fears temporarily; personal success and corporate success is going to come from continuing to be bold and to not shrink in these scary times but to push through.

Happy and Healthy Hiring.

Success by design, one step at a time.

Lynden and