Thursday, September 04, 2008

Negotiating the Salary – Budget Busters are a NO NO

Every time we approach the negotiation stage of our process with a candidate, we walk boldly and carefully. There are usually three things that we abide by:

1) Candidate’s expectations will be high
2) Client’s expectations will be low
3) It is our job to facilitate getting both of them to an acceptable middle.

We never discuss “ranges” with candidates, but always we know them. What we strive to do right with all of our clients is assure the candidate agrees (preclosing over and over) to accept compensation within the range that we know the client has designated. Rarely will we present a candidate whose current comp package is at or beyond the range the client has stated. We all know, the compensation offer must be a win for the candidate in order for her/him to accept

Everyone fails when the recruiter presents candidates who are too high in current salary/compensation. The candidate experiences disappointment because s/he believes that the client should come up in salary to at least the level they are currently being paid; the client knows s/he can’t go beyond the stated range; and the recruiter fails because the equation is no win – or win-lose. Both the candidate and the client have to wonder about a recruiting professional who represents a candidate or a position that isn’t a good fit.

All in all, advice to candidates and to clients is to be clear early in the process about the comp to be offered and the expectations of the candidate – clarity is what makes the negotiations a win with the right candidate.

Happy and healthy hiring.

Success by design – negotiating well for our clients one candidate at a time!

Lynden and