Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Job Searching in a Tight Market – What’s a Candidate To Do?

If you read the headlines about the woes of the US economy, you could be very worried about making a job change at this time or about the likelihood of succeeding in a search. However, what you need to know is that the reality isn’t quite as it might seem. While there are segments that are in pain, the financial industry and the construction industries are top of mind examples now – others remain very tight.

While it is true that many of your personal costs are going up (gas and food) and that there has been a reported rise in unemployment; at least on the job market in healthcare we continue to see a shortage of skilled and talented workers. When we hear that the unemployment statistic is up what we don’t also hear is that many of the functions have been outsourced. The job may cease to be done in one spot, but the function is still being accomplished just it is done in a different manner or for a different employer. And, not all outsourcing means that jobs are being shipped out of the US. In many cases the “work” of that function is being done by temporary workers or by other companies that have added that “work” as a product of what they now do.

So, before you panic be sure you talk with someone knowledgeable in your industry who can help you take the pulse of what is really happening. There are industry pockets where opportunities abound – you could well be part of one. If you are scratching your head about who to talk with about what’s happening in your industry, know that my bias and recommendation is to talk with a good recruiting professional who is works in your industry vertical. As one, I know that my industry knowledge is as good as that of those who work in the industry – and we have geographic sophistication. In other words we know what is happening in various parts of the country because of our scope and breadth.

Think about it; it is up to you to choose thoughtful next steps with your career.

Success by Design. In this situation; one job at a time.

What career is captivating you?

Healthy and productive hiring and job hunting!