Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Career and Job Search Guide: Letter L

There is an acronym posted on our website Next Iteration for job seekers to use to help evaluate their search options. The acronym is "CLAMS" and the letter "L" stands for Location. I encourage you as you think about changing a job or about initially finding one to explore what Location means for you? It may seem funny to ask yourself what role geography might make in your future success – but it is a feature to be taken very seriously as you contemplate what you want for your career and life.

What location would cause you to leap out of bed eager each and every morning? What location and which resources at a location (or locations) help you to be your best personally and professionally?


• Is there a perfect place in the US (or in the world) where you would like to live and where you can earn a sustainable income that meets your goals?
• What attractions do you want near to where you work and live?
• What size community? Are you wired for a metro location or suburban? What about rural?
• What demographic mix? Do you crave diversity? Are you single and want to live where there are others who are single? What about married – what personal attributes you do need in the demographics of your chosen community?
• What weather do you want? Are you fond of four seasons? Do you only want two?
• Do you want to be near family or special friends?
• Are housing costs an issue?
• What about insurability or malpractice costs?
• What about state, county and local taxes? Does that make a difference?
• How much of a commute to work do you want? How much time are you willing to sacrifice stuck in traffic?
• Are you passionate about a sport or hobby and is that resource a feature of a particular location?
• What if a promotion might take you to a location that you aren’t sure of – do you know how to make it work for you?
If you are looking for a new position; location is one of the most important features that help determine your attraction to a community or to the resources in the community. Most of us seek a geographic location that meets a number of needs some of which are personal and some of which are professional.

To reiterate again, all employers seek people for their team(s) who are fully engaged in the business at hand. Those who are "fully engaged; top contributors" are those who are "challenged by their work,” constantly learning and who seek balance in their work environment. What do you expect of your ideal location? Do you know how to identify that location? What would you do differently if you could with respect to location?

Think about it.

Success by design; it is up to you to choose.

Happy and Healthy Job Searching and Talent Finding!


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