Monday, September 10, 2007

The Career and Job Search Guide: Letter C

There is an acronym posted on our website Next Iteration for job seekers to use to help evaluate their search options. The acronym is "CLAMS" and the letter "C" stands for Challenge. I encourage job seekers and job changers to think about what Challenge means for them? What would cause you to leap out of bed eager each and every morning? What challenges help you to be your best?

What do you want your next step to include?
Is there a new technology you would like to incorporate into your practice, position, experience?
Is there a subspecialty, certification or complimentary skill you would like to acquire or have in your work environment, group or practice situation?
Is there a profile of the “ideal” work envirnment, hospital, firm or practice for you? Can you describe it? Try.
What would your call schedule or travel schedule be?
What other attributes or elements should be added to your work environment that provide a challenge that helps keep you fresh and eager about your work?

If you are looking for a new position; challenge can be an important part of why you were attracted to medicine or to being part of industry. Most bright people seek change and to be renewed. Some of us find renewal on the horns of a dilemma or what I refer to as "Challenge" in the work environment.

All employers seek people for their team(s) who are fully engaged. Usually those "fully engaged; top contributors" are those who are "challenged by their work" and constantly learning.

Think about it.

Happy and Healthy Job Searching and Talent Finding!

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