Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Great Employment Law Resources

I wanted to share two resources with you regarding employment law issues. You can never be sure when you might need assistance in this area. I want to recommend two sites.

The first is George's Employment Blawg at
I found this site as a recommendation featured in one of the many recruiting industry newsletters we receive - Airs News in an article by Paula Santonocito. This site is by "George Lenard, managing partner of Harris Dowell Fischer & Harris, a management labor and employment law firm based in Chesterfield, Mo. The blog shares workplace observations on legal matters and other trends. However, via a disclaimer, Lenard points out that information is general and does not constitute legal advice. Lenard's notation points to a sometimes overlooked aspect of blogs: Although they are often written by experts, they tend to be individual musings. In other words, it's important to consider the source and the context in which comments are made."

The next site I'd like to recommend features details about work visa related issues for those of you who might have interest in hiring a visa candidate or if you are an international candidate there is great information for you. What I particularly like, is that the site is hosted by a law firm (again like the one above) and provides up-to-date information about immigration issues. The law firm behind the site is Siskind Susser Bland and they say, "our firm's web site, which was launched in June, 1994, was the first immigration law firm web site and one of the very first law firm web sites in any category. Since then, it has remained one of the most immigration sites on the World Wide Web. Our site typically receives more than 1,000,000 hits every week from more than 150 different countries." I can't say enough positive about it. Also of note is the site has a section dedicated exclusively to healthcare visa issues in the Healthcare Info Center. Check it out at

I think you'll find both to include a wealth of information and links that will assist you with most every employment law need. Good luck.

Happy and healthy job hunting and hiring!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Email Options – Gmail

One of the suggestions that I often make to candidates who are launching into a job search is that they set up an email account to manage all their search related correspondence. This keeps the info organized and in one place for easy follow up. The article below details one such option. I hope it is helpful if you are considering this service.

The following is from an article published in the AIRS “REALTOOLS” Newsletter. It is written by Paula Santonocito. AIRS can be reached at 58 Fogg Farm Road, White River Junction, VT 05001; 800-466-4010.

The Gmail Option

Even with the folders, routing, and search features of Microsoft Outlook, it can be difficult to manage the onslaught of email. It often becomes more about keeping up rather than creating a process that allows for optimum efficiency.

If you're still trying to manage your electronic correspondence using one account and feel overwhelmed, it's worth considering how a second or even third account might benefit you.

Creating a separate account for newsletters, for example, allows you to separate reading material from correspondence requiring immediate attention. Using an account for personal correspondence also helps keep your business account professional and less cluttered. The same is true with online shopping. Do you really need email purchase confirmations and ongoing advertisements showing up in your primary account?

When organization is an objective, web-based email accounts can prove helpful.

Most people are familiar with web-based email services like, Yahoo! Mail, and MSN Hotmail. Each offers slightly different services for a fee, but free offerings are basically the same, as is the process. You create an account and have access to limited storage.

Limited storage can be an issue with free web-based services. Space gets used up quickly, particularly if you're an email packrat. Generally, if you want greater capacity with web-based email services, you have to pay for it. Not so with Gmail, which offers greater capacity.

G isn't for greater, gargantuan, or gigabyte (which was the storage capacity originally offered gratis). If you haven't already guessed, G is for Google.
Gmail has been around for a while, but like everything else at Google it is in a state of constant evolution. The current version of Gmail is based on the premise that email can be eternal; or, as Google says, "Don't throw anything away." With this mind, the search engine giant now offers more than 2 gigabytes of storage and counting (see the clock that ticks off the additional space at the main Gmail page).

Google's product has met with accolades. It was voted number two in PC World's Top 100 products of 2005, the company notes.

Then why aren't more people using it? "It can be a pain to switch to a new email address," Google says, pointing out it makes it easy. To this end, Google attempts to resolve concerns. It actually has a "help me switch" feature where you enter an existing email account, import contacts, announce a new address, and send reminders to friends. The feature also allows you to keep your old address.

Of course creating an entirely new account is also an option. Whether you replace an existing account or create a new one, you'll quickly discover that Gmail has a lot of convenient features. Its search features make it easy to find messages. It also groups each email and its replies into a conversation, so you can follow the back and forth of an email exchange. And of course there's the storage capacity, which means you can save all the messages you want.

Google continues to offer enhancement to its product, the latest being Reply by Chat, which is basically an instant messaging feature within Gmail. If you and another Gmail user are online at the same time, you can chat rather than email.

Okay, so what's the rub? Why aren't people receiving more emails with Gmail in the address?

There are currently only two ways to sign up for Gmail; one is by invitation and the other is by using a mobile phone with text message capabilities.

Google claims the system helps prevent spam and other email abuse. Unfortunately, it seems to also deter sign up.

Nevertheless, if you do follow the process, which involves entering your mobile phone telephone number in a box and copying characters into a box, you will receive a text message code on your mobile phone immediately. Then all you do is enter the code at the site and you've got Gmail.

If managing your email is a goal, and you're considering creating another account, give Gmail a look. Despite the unusual signup method, Gmail is a great mail service.

Happy and Healthy Job Searching