Monday, November 14, 2005

75% of Decision to Hire or Not is Based On......

From the moment you walk through the door of a potential new employer you experience what psychologists call the "threshold effect." From their first impression they determine the following:

-Your education level
-Your trustworthiness
-Your social position
-Your level of sophistication
-Your economic level

75% of the decision to hire or not hire an employee is based on appearance.

First impressions ARE important. Within the first three to four seconds of meeting someone they are already sizing you up. Within seven seconds of meeting someone they are already making judgments about you. Within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone new they have already made ELEVEN critical assumptions about you - all based on first impression.

When someone looks at a person they start with the eyes, quickly take in the rest of the body and go back to the eyes, BUT in one media study they found that if a person was wearing expensive, highly fashionable shoes, the body would be scanned twice, stopping at the shoes for twice as long. If the person's shoes were cracked, old, or unattractive, the observer would actually, but subtly frown.

Since people are already making "first impression" judgments about you, careless dress or appearance may distract the interviewer and therefore much of what you could actually bring to the job may never be explored. Your years of hard earned experience and a tony education might go unnoticed or be discounted all based on that distinctive first impression.

The end result is that your shoes and your entire appearance have a MASSIVE impact on the overall impression you make. Get a great interviewing outfit. Get great shoes and be sure they are polished. The investment is well worth the expense.

Happy Hiring & Interviewing Success